Biography'n Sax زندگینامه و سکس

from by BadMashadi

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once in a while, from the present tense, from intense night and days
i take refuge to the imaginary past
half of it fake and greasy, other half tastes like counterfeit booze
while walking around aimlessly

i am the child of analog age, old timey Iranian comedy skits
i missed the taxi from Poonak square, to Four Square hood of Tehran
that left me hanging and took you to the end

imaginary geometry, bad physical education
Arg square and Ahmadabad, up and down the main Mashhad mall
original Mashhadi banana shake
my accent flew away, my identity got diluted and dissolved

ah, we hung around and got dull
we finally left and detached, a perpetual nostalgia, a dizzy heart because of you
ah, i want you
sunshine face, desert heart, your hands like earth paintings
your shoes like color pencils, in the grey streets, drawing sketches with every step
sketches of your fading dreams, ah, i want you with all claws my moomoosh
your voice better than a string quartet, your bottled up sobs like Dashti and Shoor music
your deep sigh a white cloud, in the corner of dense sky of this town

last night the miserable me with “rotten vagina” Pari
went to have some fun to make a baby and such
we were kids and grew old, fun plentiful in grams
Pari finally slashed her wrist

last night the miserable me, with the childhood playmate
in the upside down taxi, our crumbled memories
no one was on the road, the dark moments before the dawn
one last kiss before the trip


rainbow is all around us, with seven shades of grey
air saturated with question marks, all over the streets
it started to rain, we got thirsty, water shut down, we got quiet
electricity came back, we logged in, like turtles
we crawled in the shell of the past, downloading our happiness
i wish there was no electricity, no dams
so we could take a swim in “Hamoon” and “Urumieh” lakes
and lose ourselves in the imaginary tomorrow
a kind of tomorrow that seems a thousand years away


from Taxidriving under​-​City مسافرکشی زیر شهر, released January 16, 2016
Badmashadi: voice, electronics
[Skopje Macedonia]:

Kiril Kuzmanov: alto sax
Kiril Tufekcievski: double bass



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BadMashadi Iran

Overground non-rock band
.بچه مشهد. آواره دنیا

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